Newbie here - Ticket booking app

Hey there,

I am building a ticket booking app to organice some parties. Here are some prints of i have been working on

I have some questions

  1. I currently work on the free plan, and if i guess that i will have 100-300 users that buy tickets, so i need to upgrade right?
  2. Someone has any template that would help me moving foward?

Thank you very much!

I think a Starter plan might fit your use case.

What exact features do you need to add going forward?

Hey there! Thanks for the response!

I mainly need the scanner feature work.

And then this app would be used by 100 users on the first stage, and later with more than 500 users maybe

I believe the scan barcode feature is available on the free plan, can you confirm that?

If that’s the case, the only thing left to consider is your row count. Giving you might have about 600 users, I think a starter plan with 5000 rows is good for you to test at this stage, and you can scale later on if needed.