Need Help - External Forms, User Data, and Data Work Flow ideas

Alright i’m about a week into glide and i’m absolutely loving it but im a bit lost in terms of user data and relationships - that i may or may not be able to create.

Here’s my use case: high level overview for context. - can be skip
it’s a 3 sided marketplace! (sort of)

1/3: users (client) submit data via friendly and easy wp form that data is essentially a lead (an open lead). We have 2 other parties remaining 2/3 party(s) will submit information - call it verification on the clients (open lead data), and the last party member 3/3 will be able to see majority of data except contact info. they will make offer/input and this gets displayed back to the user in their dashboard.

What i have done successfully so far.
:white_check_mark: WP website lead form with 12 columns of data including user email webhook(ed) to gsheets and displaying in my glidepages app. -successful

What im having trouble understanding

  1. My gsheet data (lead) exist but how can i make it into a thing that belongs to a user. and systematically pass that data through a stage like process. I’ve tried relational, if - then, targeting user email and i seem to be missing something.

In an ideal world this is how i envision it.

user submits form (external) → data in gsheet mirrored in glide → (somehow- automatically a user is created/ invitation sent. (and maybe the gsheet data is passed to a new data set) But that lead data is stored or linked to that users email, so when they sign in - using the same email this " new thing" is carrying the gsheet data and will display to the user once signed in. The process continues through the stages i mentioned earlier.

any guidance or ideas would go a long way.

Go Glide!

All you really need is an email address in the data being ingested to your Google Sheet.
Then build a (multiple) relation from your Users Table in Glide to that sheet, matching the respective email address columns.

Then you can present the data as an inline list/collection in your App, and the first time a user signs in, any data that matches their email address will be there waiting for them.

If security of the data is important, you might also want to look into Row Owners.

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