Need a sanity check on using Comments with ROWID inside a BUTTON on a Details Page

It’s easier to explain in a short(ish) >4min video! If anyone has time to take a look and spot if I’m doing something wrong, I would be grateful! :blush:

If you use “GOALS” as the data for Link to Screen, you will always see the first row of that sheet. The way to go is to use “This item”, which will use the row of the screen with the Button.


Thank you Mark. I knew I was doing something very simple very wrong!

Hey @Deena it’s kinda late here, and it’s been a long day, but off the top of my head are you sure the visibility is set correctly in your final example? I have never user comments (although I may after seeing your example) but my understanding is that the topic (RowId in your case) links the comment to an item but has no direct effect on visibility.

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Scratch that - @Mark wins the day

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It’s not obvious at all how Link to Screen works. We need to work on that.