Native form submission - column data not updating (or very delayed)

Hi, I’m having issues with a native form that’s failing to update column data correctly.

The form contains fields that relate to associated fields in my Airtable base.

As well as the fields in the native form, I’ve also programmed the submission settings to update certain fields with default values + add the related user who fills in the form.

This is a screenshot of the form and the submission settings:

This is a screenshot of the Airtable base, several minutes after the form submission:

The record is being added ok, but the extra fields programmed in the submission settings are not updating. I’ve tried a few times, and sometimes they update within a few seconds, sometimes they take several minutes, and other times they don’t update at all.

This is really frustrating - please help!

Set Column Values as an onSubmit action with an Add Form is always a bit hit and miss, and is generally not recommended. The problem is that sometimes the onSubmit action can fire before the new row has been created, and so it fails.

A more robust approach is to pass those values with the form.
Add components to your Form Screen, choosing from the component groups shown below:

Depending on the values being added, you might need to pre-prepare some of them using templates. The best place to do that is in your User Profiles table, as they then become available to use anywhere.

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Hi thank you that’s useful to know - that makes sense in terms of updating the user profile field. :+1:

I’m less clear about passing other fixed values. For example, I want to make sure that any time a user adds a new payment using the form, the ‘Direct payment’ boolean field is checked TRUE.

What would be the easiest/most robust way of doing this?

Thanks for your help!

Create a template column in your User Profile, and fill it with the word true, then pass that as a User Profile value with the form. That will work with the boolean column.

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An alternative is adding a text entry component, or any component that is a fit for your destination column and have a “default value” option. Set the default value option, then hide that component with a condition that will never be true. The component won’t be showed to the user, but the value will still be written.


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