Name missing in user profile

How do can te user add their name to the user profile? I am seeing email and pic, but not a way to add their name.

did you create a name column


in the menu you set the source of theuser profile name to your name column


so you allowed users to edit thier profile (containing thier name)

I don’t have a user tab, just a worksheet. After signing in with their email, they can add a profile pic, but it does give an option to add their name. Do I need to create a profile tab for this to occur?

You can make a profile tab, filter by email is signed-in user and add an edit option.

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That seems to defeat the purpose of having a users sign in with email to create profiles. I really don’t want a profile page but I may have to add.

In my apps, I always have a “Your profile” page so people can view the information they have entered and potentially edit it, I don’t think it’s a bad choice to be honest, we have a lot of things to add in there as well, let’s say a “Your favorites” list, a “Your history of orders” list. It’s not a lame tab in my experience and can be used for more purposes than just for editing the profile.