My Humble Eclipse & Glassmorphism Door

Hi, all :cherry_blossom:
Here’s my humble “Eclipse Door”. I’ll prepare a test app for you to visit later.
To make sure it looks alright with all your mobiles.
How does it look?
Thks for all who helped :purple_heart: me achieve this.


Love the look and feel of this :blush: Nice job!


Thks, Lisa :sparkling_heart:It’s part of a whole mindset to welcome as 1 to 1 like a private door can suggest. Not a show-room or a home page (1 to N). And the mobile screen provides this intimacy & proximity, especially with dark mode for focus and eyes comfort.
Happy pumpkin if you celebrate Halloween :jack_o_lantern: May the Good Spirits Be With You &
Your Dearest Ones👻

Look great!

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Thks! :cherry_blossom::purple_heart: Hope you’re feeling great whatever you’re up to this week-end

Nice door, it’s very inviting.

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Merci, Nathanaël :relaxed::cherry_blossom:

Ly-Mei T It looks Great :star_struck:

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Oh, thks Dilon, you’re :candy:

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