My google account often gets disconnected from glide, is it normal?

Sometimes i load the glide app and it asks me to connect tomy google account, it happened3/4 times in one/2 months, is it normal or should I worry aboutsomething?

Could you describe in detail what happens? Also, it’d help me understand if you provided some screenshots the next time it happens

Imagine the first time you connect to glide, it asks for your google account (i suppose also email? I can’t recall), and when you load glide again you are already logged in.

Well, on my pc I sometimes get asked to log in again with my google account.

I’m on linux. I did run a cleaner on the windows side now that I think about it, I don’t know if that could have been the cause.

I’ll update here if it happens again.

I think that’s normal. Sometimes Glide doesn’t remember that you’re logged in - it happens to me too

I don’t think servers have human forgetful brains…

In your case, it seems like they have forgetful brains, but just not human brains :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Are you sure your cache isn’t getting cleared at all? Do you have to sign into any other Google services over and over? I’m always signed into my Google account (gmail, drive, docs, etc), and I’ve never had to re-sign into google or glide. I would check for any extensions or processes that clear browser cache or cookies periodically.

Actually I think I had this issue on other platforms, maybe the linux os updates do somthing like it.
Do you have any linux knowledge? ppl say it’s secure but I’m paranoic

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I’m actually on my Debian (a linux distro) VM when that happens. Weird…

No, It’s been a long time since I’ve touched linux, and even then I never used it much. Interesting theory though.

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My theory on Linux security is simply down to numbers.

Windows is desirable to hack about with because there were so many installs. People never really bothered with MacOS. Mac became more popular, and then the same thing started to happen. Linux has many distros each with limited users, as such any hack would not get any coverage in the media and/or reap the benefits of a larger user base financially. Also the community would try and hunt you down and bury you.

As for your issue, I have had a similar issue with Sign in with Google requesting another verification. Regularly happens on my Mac, and occasionally in my Windows environment. Funnily enough, never happens on the Chromebook, where I spend most of my time. It isn’t something to be unduly concerned with, and isn’t usually a case of the computer “forgetting”. Google sign in is a fairly sensitive beast (and rightly so), so it can happen.

/edit Forgot to say, this isn’t just with Glide. I have had this happen with a few sites, including Gmail etc.

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Aaaaand it happened right now. No OS updates, no switch off of the pc, only hibernation.

Yup, I get the same thing with MacOS and my GSuite address for sign into Chrome/Gmail etc. I rarely shutdown, only hibernate. Switch on, and…sign in time. I have no idea how to solve it, just know I understand your pain.