My Gift Sharing App!

Hello everybody! I just wanted to share with you a little affiliate app I made. NifterGifter is all about finding a fun gift for every occasion. Enjoy!

NifterGifter app link


Nice app… How were you able to add a link to each image?

Thanks. I’m not exactly sure what you are asking…

How were you able to add links to your images? I notice when you click on an image it directs you to amazon.

Gotcha… so those are the cards. So the link that each card goes to is in a separate column than the image its self.

Gotcha… Thank you so much!!!

Nice app, wishing you success with your venture

Much appreciated. Thank You.

Really nice work here! Congratulations.

Small typo on the “About NifterGifter” screen: “NifterGifter is dedicated to finDing…”

This is such a good idea, plus elegant and attractive design. How do you plan to attract users?

Thanks for your kind words and catching my error. (1 of many I’m sure).

I’m creating a Web App on another platform that I’m thinking’s going to take about 2 months to develop. During this time, I’m going to post this app in different groups on social media platforms. I would also like to see if I can create some cross marketing with some influences such as a DYI gift video creators.

I know affiliate marketing is a long term, multi platform game. If things make financial sense after this ‘test phase’, I would try to leverage the data that I have in the spreadsheet into other platforms, such as blog posts (SEO), you-tube videos, Pinterest…etc.

Got any suggestions?

@Brian_Rosenstein: Nice app. How did the process of getting approved from Amazon as an affiliate go? Did you get approval after your Glide app?

Thank you. I have not been approved yet. They don’t go though the entire approval process until after you make your first sale, which I did yesterday! (First 52 cents I ever made on my own!!).

To say that I’m not concerned about getting denied would be a lie. There is no place to have a pop-out affiliate banner, but I tried to make it as noticeable as possible.

Either way, it was most important to me to finish a rough draft of the project. I had so many projects that I saw 75% of the way though and never finished. This was me turning over a new leaf…


We all have to start somewhere. Wishing you the best on this one.