My dating app

Hello all,

Most of people looks for dating apps :slight_smile: I just prepared a dating app.

People can show user list by matching hobies.

For example you are ok about basketball. You can see basketball lovers: )

I put a make a chat

After you click user chat

Message list updates and if your goal people accept you, you can talk with uniq chat id

But the problem is when you click button it sends a request always. My talks section shows more than 1 time if people click button more than 1 time.

I should close button if he sent request already


I should show same requests 1 in talk section.

How can I do that?

I made a template for mix user 1 and user 2 in match sheet

I make relation with this template in users list 2 times. Being talk or wanted talk (Multiple)

I have multiple relations that show user is wanted by who with this

But I can not convert this multiple list to joined list in same page. I made if i can choose filter of button as listthatwant doesnt includes user email he will not see. But filter section is not working includes with lookups.

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Assuming you already have a relation set up (on the sheet that contains the form button to start request a chat), you can set a visibility condition to only show the button if the relation is empty. Meaning if a chat request doesn’t exist, then the button will show.

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And show that relation in the profile view so that links straight to the chat.

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I have a list. That users want to talk with who

But I can not use include section in button.

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I think you can use a joined list column and then filter by is included using that column.

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