Music in Background

It’s not a secret that on iPhone, mp3 files embedded in an app will not play if you lock the screen, open another app, or in any way leave the screen where the audio is embedded.

Has anybody found any type of workaround for this? I’ve made a podcast app as well as an audiobook app. Needing to keep the screen on is not ideal for the use of these apps.

Hey @Andrew_Allers. :wave:t2: There is a not very elegant workaround which is that after you have clicked play and then lock the screen - you can get the track to play again by using the lock screen play controls. I have found this mostly works - but sometimes does not.

Hm, haven’t had any luck with that, but I’ll try again. Thanks Jack!

Is there anybody that had found a solution to this pb ? I’d developped an app to help people train themselves with audio support …it’s quite critical ?

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