Music file won't play anymore?

I had my music file playing where the music player is (within the black box). I changed something that gave me the “link” icon instead. Now, music clip only plays when I click the link icon. I want to remove the link icon and just have the music play on the player when pressed play.
What on earth did I change here?

Forgot to attache my screen shot…

So, I tried using the “audio” component and entered the url for my music clip…it still won’t play. Any other suggestions??

Looks like you just typed the name of a file into the component data source. Where is that file? Where is the full url? Shouldn’t it be pointing to a column in your table?

Initially it said I could do a custom entry and that’s what I did. Then I went added and selected the column named “music” where I coped and pasted the music file url from my computer. I can’t find anywhere else where I might need to make a change?

Can you edit the row, and then upload the file?

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The custom entry is for URLs that are publicly accessible to Internet users, the URL of the file on your computer does not satisfy that.

You should use a file picker component to upload the music file, then use the resulting URL in your audio component.


Got it to work just like I want it! Thanks a bunch :+1:

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