Multiple filters of the visibility of items

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Would it be possible to create multiple filters of the visibility of items (microscopes) based on their features? Users should select features from the list including UNKNOWN.
I have attached the list of features.

Filter 1: Unknown, Histological - Luminescence; Filter 2: Unknown, 2D-3D
If Unknown selected then all items should be shown.

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Can you specify what list is the user selecting from (that includes the Unknown value)?


A user should select from Filter 1 and Filter 2. By default, we can keep the value unknown for both filters, so all items are visible.

So let’s say I selected Histological - Luminescence and Unknown for the 2 filters.

When I access Olympus I will see Histological, Luminescence, 2D and 3D columns?

I am sorry I was misleading. The Filter 1 has 5 options: Unknown, Histological, Fluorescent, X-ray, Luminescent. The Filter 2 has 3 options: Unknown, 2D, 3D.

For example, I select Filter 1: Fluorescent; Filter 2: 2D; I should have 3 visible microscopes - Olympus and Zeiss and confocal.

Maybe this helps?

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Dear Darren, does it require user registration, e.g. google or e-mail?

Let me make a quick public app so you can copy that back.

@Volodymyr_Zloy What you see in that tutorial is a technique for dynamic filtering. Whether or not a user is signed in is unrelated.

Dear Darren and ThinhDinh,

Thanks a lot for the support and quick response - it is very much appreciated. I try to automatize the microscope selection for our users. The solution is very clever.
I will try to implement the filtering.

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@Volodymyr_Zloy I think I have done it here. Check my video and let me know if it fits your case and I can let you copy this back to save time.


Dear ThinhDinh, it should work. Please copy. Best regards, Volodymyr

You can find it here.

Dear ThinhDinh,

Sorry to disturb you once more - How should I modify the app if I have 3 choices? This is the copy of your Google file
What modification should I add to the visibility filters? Maybe you can create the glide app based on the spreadsheet (in case it is not difficult for you and you have time).

Thank you in advance,

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Dear ThinhDinh,

Please let me know how I can pay you.
I have a more simple question:
When we select microscope, go to the microscope, e.g. Zeiss 980, we have all information without training.
I have also the additional tab: Zeiss 980 Inductions. I do not think that it is good idea to have training materials in the separated tab. On the other side, the training for different microscopes will be different; it is also not very continent to keep all training in one tab. Any ideas how to combine individual microscope tab with individual training tab to have only one tab. The tabs for microscopes are more or less identical, while training tabs of microscopes can be more different.

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Yeah this is true.

How different are your training content items though? Is it just a difference of some columns?