Multiple data on the same line

I’m CODING an application to control production on meters, and I’m having a hard time.
I need that in the same row of the table have data with different times, for example. the employee enters at 07:00 and will read the numbetrs at 09:00 he will do another reading and at 12:00 another reading, how to add this on the same line, as there are 124 machines to read

Why don’t you structure it on different lines instead, with a table of something like “Action Logs”?

Email | Time | Action | Notes | 07:00 | 1st reading | Data-001 | 09:00 | 2nd reading | Data-002 | 12:00 | 3rd reading | Data-003

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Are the readings at the same time of day and the same number of times, or can it vary? What do you plan to do with the readings once they have been recorded?

the readings at 07:00 and 12:00 are fixed, whereas the one at 09:00 can vary.
Once done, I need to counter the total production, using the values ​​released 12:00+09:00-07:00

The problem is the volume of lines and how to count the values, since there will be around 700 records per day