Multiple coniditional dropdown menus

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I want to have different dropdowns in my form, with several conditions. De first dropdown has three options. Based on the selected option, it should display an additional second dropdown. That second dropdown also has multiple choices (a few hundred), and each of those hundred has its list of options for the third dropdown.

I have not found any other way yet to make hundreds of dropdowns and set up its conditional visibility, but I was curious if there is an easy way.

If my question is not straightforward, just let me know.

Couldn’t you create only three choice components, and then set filters on the second and third choice components based on the Screen Values of the first and second choice components?

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The data for these choices are in a separate worksheet with 1 column per brand (These are models for car brands). In the general tab, I can select which Column to use, and the Column is the brand of the chosen car in the second dropdown.

I can only select conditions for data in the same column with filtering, right?

Can you show some of the data and how the choices are related to each other? I would hope that the data for your second choice, for example, would have a column of data to identify that it belongs to whichever category that would be used to build your first choice??? If I’m understanding your description, you might not have your data set up very well. You should have a column for all brands, a column for models, and a column for whatever your third choice would be. Separating brands into multiple columns would make things quite a bit more complicated and would require you to edit the app in the builder to make changes instead of just changing the data.

Thanks, @Jeff_Hager, for your proposed solution. So I have three layers of choices:

Vehicle Type

I have a table called ‘Dropdown’ in which I have a column listing the vehicle types, a column listing the brand types, and a column per brand listing each model. This method is how I populate the dropdown menus at the moment.

If I put all the models in one column, how would I select the correct data to choose from in the dropdown menu?

Thanks in advance for your reply :slight_smile:

So, for every row in your Dropdown table, you should have a Type, Brand, and Model entered. You will obviously have the Type and Brand duplicated several times, but we do this so we can link everything together when filtering. Maybe you already have it set up that way, but I just wanted to make sure.

First create your Type choice component and pull the values from the Type column. This will eliminate any duplicate values automatically. Second, create a Brand choice component. Set the filter on that Brand where the Type is equal to the Screen Value → Type (selected in the prior choice component). This will give you a list of Brands filtered to only the selected Type. Do the same for the Model choice component and filter it where the Type is equal to the Screen Value → Type AND the Brand is equal to the Screen Value → Brand. This will give you a list of Models filtered to only the selected Type and Brand.

Something like this:


Thank you very much; I have no idea why I didn’t come up with this solution in the first place. I am restructuring my data and have eliminated the 1 million choice elements into one.

Thanks a lot!


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