Multiple choice when adding item

Hi team,

I want to allow users to add items and allow them to choose between different options. The problem is that the only options available are data from the spreadsheets, but this is not useful as I want my users to choose between different options even if the options are not yet in the spreadsheets.

See this example, when my user want to add something new the only available option is “Vou”, but I want them to choose between “Vou”, “DC-26” and “Pratto”:

Currently my spreadsheet look like this (as you can see the only data is about Vou):

Since my app is new, and it will be something like a rating app, is normal that the spreadsheet has no reviews yet, in this case it only has 2 and both are for Vou, no reviews for the other 2 options yet. But the problem is that since the only option available when adding new reviews is vou as you can see in the first 2 pictures, users will never be able to rate the other 2 options.

Thank you in advance :smiley: Preformatted text

Are these additional options known to you in advance?
If they are, then what you can do is use a separate table with a column that contains all of the choice options that you want to provide. And then use this column as the source of your choice component.

I am not sure if i understood or not but this is what i did:

I added the options that, as you said, i knew in advance, to the spreadsheet in 1 column and i used this colums as the source of the choice component, and it worked, now my users have the 3 options

But now the problem is that in the list page i have now 2 items with no info:

Please confirm if this is what you meant I should do?

Can you show me 2 screenshots please:

  1. The configuration of your choice component
  2. The table editor view of your Pagos table

Don’t use the Pagos table as the source of your choices. Create a new table, call it Choices, and use that new table as the source of your choice list.