Multipage home with full page background image

Hi everyone,
I would like to create a home page presentation of a webapp, multipage, which explains how it works, but that once read, the user has the option not to read it anymore. to attract the user’s attention and invite him to a full reading, I would like to have the ability to use a background that uses the entire width of the device, then without top and bottom tab and a background image.
Could some super experienced user help me understand how to do this? Graphically I have a clear idea, but CSS and company are still out of my league. I can even edit them, but creating them from scratch still isn’t. Thanks to all who will answer me! @Robert_Petitto, @ThinhDinh, @SantiagoPerez; @Lucas_Pires , etc :slight_smile:

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Hey @profxeni

What do you mean with this? How you think background will help this experience?


Do you have a visual mockup of how it would look like?


The study of the human psyche. The more distracting elements there are the less attention it creates within the page. A single background with no icons to click on, but only with writing and links within it, satisfies this purpose.

No, I’m creating it with Canva. The web app will only work with smartphones.

Ok. Share it when you get it done so we can help you