Multifunctional access!

Hello all,

I’ve created column named “Status”. Status stands for functions performed by different users. Some users have more than one function and others have only one.

Multifunctional access!

For example, row 6 from the bottom, in Multifunctional access screenshot posted above, belongs to a user who has 6 different functions (vocab teacher, master owner, co-owner, essay teacher, temporary access and quiz teacher). I created IF THEN ELSE to show that he is all of that and glide shows me only Vocab teacher which is the first column to the left.

I also created a template to replace them and it unfortunately multiplied these functions instead. In other words, since glide reads only first column which is vocab teacher, it became “vocab teacher” 6 times since this user has 6 functions neglecting other functions.

How to make glide mention all of the user’s functions at once?