Multi-Actions From List Item

Added to feature requests as I believe there is no current workaround:

Currently we can determine what happens when a list item is clicked. However there are many scenarios when you want to click a small area of a list item to perform a quick action as opposed to presenting a new screen with details displayed. For example, clicking an icon in the list item display rectangle (or maybe even its image) to increment a column value or change a status column value.

So I would see an action for the list item click and another action for the list item “small area” click.

@Antonio does this make sense from a design perspective?

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Would highly appreciate this. The only current “button” on an item is favorite, isn’t it?

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Yes. It is. Lots of newer (non-Glide) apps support the ability to tap a list item to “open it” or tap an element on the list item to action something related to it. It makes for a very slick user-friendly experience. I guess it would just be a question of assigned two actions. Very cool.

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