Multi action is life.... 😍

Hi Gliders,

I’m building an app for a customer which is a personal trainer so basically the app is replacing hime in training his customers.

Crerated this crazy multi action for the app where is creates a weekly training program based on his profile.
programs are ranging from 2-6 training per week and each training has 8-12 exercises so I need to the ability to create 16-72 rows in a click of a button.

Did I already say that multi actions are life???

for some reason it’s not showing the gif so I’ll upload a video soon



Wow! Make a duplicate of that app right now as a backup. Hopefully we’ll get the ability to save actions someday.


Already done brother :rofl:


My Gosh!

Agree with @Jeff_Hager :rofl:

I need to do something like this, so I can imagine how many time you spent doing it. Wow


Very impressive!

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Yes it took forever to do but actually gives a lot of pleasure to see it working and creating all those rows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Only thing is that the whole app is based on glide tables and I still see many problems with the stability of the tables and deletions of rows which still jump and not deleted even when doing so few times.
I was sure that by now it would be more stable…


Ugh…I feel bad for you.


I would of used a less time consuming way to do that and if that broke like so many compound actions have in the past it would just be another thing to redo or fix…

I guess, and correct if I’m wrong @yinon_raviv, that’s the faster way to do it :thinking:

Until coumpound actions are safe I would just use a script, it would take less time to build and trigger with a onChange event. Nothing is faster than that :slight_smile:

Believe me there was no other way…
And you re right about breaking… Let’s hope it wont

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That would be faster but I don’t know scripting enough to do this

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Well, if it breaks and you need scripting for it just let me know. Otherwise, I hope they got all of that worked out. I had my compound actions break for 5 weeks straight.

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Thanks brother, appreciate the suggestion. Will use it :wink:

Please ask your customer to upgrade to a paid plan, if they are paying you to build an app.


wow, that’s insane (I mean that in a good way)…
But I think I agree with Joe, I’d never trust a compound action with something like that.
What else does it do besides add rows?

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@yinon_raviv :exploding_head: impressive! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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He will. Once it’s done we will move to his account.
Why is this relevant to this thread though?

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It’s a personal training app.
Once the user submit his info we match it one of the profiles of trainers we have and then he gets a training plan which is managed completely in the app.
It calculates in real time the inputs and adjust the feedback as we go based on dozens of rules.

The add row is the easy part and is used to create a new training week every week (each training program is 15 weeks cycle).