Monthly sync

It’s been 1 month of use, but the sync data doesn’t reset from the start

What do you mean by “sync data”?
Are you referring to Updates, Row Counts, or something else?
Updates are reset of the end of each billing cycle. This will be a different date for each team.
Row Counts are never reset.

Yes, I mean “usage update”. Yesterday my account showed reset for 1 more day, but now it appears 31 days reset and data usage is still continuing

Do you mind sharing a screen shot?

The initial count starts when I post the project or at the beginning of every month on the 1st. I first post on July 18th

As I said, it should reset with your billing cycle.
So for example, if you signed up for your plan on the 12th of the month, then the usage count should reset on that date each month. If you go to your Billing page, it will show you there when your next monthly renewal is due. This is when your Usage counts should reset.

Anyway, what’s shown in your screen shot doesn’t look right, unless you’ve incurred 576 updates today, which I assume isn’t the case.

It could be just a timing thing. I’d say check it again tomorrow and see if there is any change.

I take the free package, does this also apply to billing?

Even with the Free Plan, you should have been required to add a payment method.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Also Rows keep disappearing and reappearing, and any edits I make are not reflected.

What backend are you using?