Monopoly Companion - Play live but without the clutter!

Have you ever wanted to play Monopoly, but know you can’t stand all the money and cards that need to be handed out and cleaned up? I ran into this problem a couple weeks ago and figured Glide could rescue me from my frustrations!

This app isn’t intended to be a full game replacement, but rather a companion app that the Banker can use to track purchases and distribute Chance/Community Chest cards. The app handles all the transactions and ensures the appropriate rent is being collected for properties with or without houses. It’s a great example of how Glide can make things easier, even if they’re not that tough to begin with!


Very cool! Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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This looks super cool. As a board game junkie this is a useful addition. Great stuff in pulling this together as it looks pretty complex! Nice job

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