Miguel from Canada

Hi I’m Miguel from Vancouver, Canada (born in Bilbao, Spain).

I run an animation studio called Grumo Media. We’ve produced many explainer videos for YCombinator startups. I have a background in mechanical engineering and have been making apps for fun for about 10 years.

I’ve tried all the no-coding platforms out there. I think Glide is the best so far for quick prototyping.
I’m impressed with their speed of innovation and the incredibly fast support via this forum!

I’m currently building an app for my 72 yo mom to collect all her art (poems and paintings). The best part is that she has recorded all the poems with her own voice and that people can submit their own recordings. Replicating that functionality natively would have taken months. I was able to do it with Glide in just a few days.

I’ve also built:

  • A mental models app with all the mental models from Farham Street
  • A grammar app with all the grammar rules from Grammarly.com
  • An app version of the book Tribe of Mentors (Tim Ferriss) with a searchable database of all mentors and all their answers.

I want to say thanks to the Glide team for their fabulous work and for enabling us to create beautiful apps super fast without coding!

Peace. Love. Cookies.


Welcome Grumo/Miguel, it sounds like you have already done some amazing stuff with Glide. I personally look forward to seeing some of the apps some day.

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Fabulous! Welcome to the community.


Bienvenido Miguel! Un madrileño en el foro :wink:

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Welcome Miguel. Agreed, with just a small dose of the product and community, it is no wonder that so much helpful talent makes regular contributions.

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I’m expecting that you speak spanish because you were born in the best country in the world i mean, Spain.

Bienvenido a la comunidad, Miguel! Si tienes alguna pregunta, ¡no olvides preguntar a la comunidad!


@grumo Hey Miguel, :wave: great to meet you and have you part of this community.

Looking forward to seeing what you build with glide.

It’s a great and friendly community, if you ever need any help or just wanna show off we are here for you.

Happy gliding…


Gracias Pablo. En efecto, hablo español perfectamente (bueno, con un poco de acento Canadiense :slight_smile:)

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Gracias Pablo! Saludos de un Bilbaíno en Vancouver!

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