Migrating Users to Glide Table?

I am looking to migrate all my User profiles to Glide Table and then switch onboarding process to Glide Table for new Users.

  1. What would be best way to transfer data from Google sheet to Glide Table? Currently copying field by field is very slow and has potential errors as I had noticed if I copy too fast, data may not be written. I had to double check, so every field will incur about 5 to 10 secs.

  2. Thank you

There’s no easy way to migrate now. You would have to insert record by record.

any information from Glide about copying Googlesheet to Glide Table? Timeframe?

No, there’s no ETA. They plan to have CSV to Glide Tables eventually.


would it work if I

  1. start a User sheet in Glide table and receive new registrations there and
  2. still maintain the current Users in Googlsheets.

however, I notice this User option when setting visibility conditions…so if we have two Users sheets, how will this impact the availability of this

I want to immediately migrate to Glide table but to copy field by field is going to be too much work and maybe fraught with mistakes.


You can only have one user profiles table. There’s no other way.

How does system know? by the name? so I can copy over slowly and once completed change the Glide Table name and change the Google sheet to another name?

No, when you click the menu and then your profile picture, then you can config which sheet you want as the user profiles resource.


ok. in that case, i can make a Glide Table called User2 and then switch it over when I am ready?

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Yeah true.

Yes - But literally anything you have set up with user profiles will fall apart… Visibility conditions, etc.

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