Merged rows

We are using glidetable

We are looking for support for merged cells for row spans.

We have only support for merged columns.

What do you mean by “merged columns”?

I would just separate them into two separate rows with the same first column value.

I will frame the question right.

Glide right now only support for merging cells horizontally.

I need support for merging cells vertically like the image I have attached above.

I’m not sure what function you are mentioning here. Do you mean column grouping?


Query on Glide Data Grid

I’m talking about a feature where i want to have something like <td rowspan="2"></td>

The below span API supports only colspan.

Is there a way where we can handle rowspans also in the grid?

Ah, seems more of a question for @Jason . We mostly talk about Glide Pages and Glide Apps here.