Menu exit

Hi Glider’s I believe it is a bug, because when we put a tab on the menu, an icon appears with an option to “exit” this is normal, but when we leave the app by clicking icon at the next time we enter the app it ask email again to send the pin , this does not happen when you exit the app without clicking on the icon.

Could you show us a video of what you’re seeing, please?

Sounds like you are clicking on the Sign Out button. There is no button to close the app. Is it a translation issue? Are you viewing your app in a different language?

I don’t know how to make the video, is there a software to do it?

Yes, when I put the new tab the menu appear , and button(exit) appears, without the menu I exit the app via the cell phone back button.
The question is when enter the app again by exiting by button(exit) it asks a new pin and by back button does not ask for pin directly logs in without asking for the pin.

I see it in Portuguese, instead of a button (exit), understand as icon (exit).

I believe the button you are clicking on is to sign you out of the app for security or to allow somebody else to sign in. That is the purpose of it. It’s normal to have to sign in again if you signed out. It’s not an Exit or Close button. It’s there to Sign out completely from the app. If the translation for the button is wrong, I’m sure Glide could fix that. Do you have a screenshot of what it looks like and what the button should say in Portuguese, so it makes sense? is good for making videos.

Thanks, I’ll try to do.