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I have a Menu page that leads to various sections, but once I go deep into one it is confusing as to how to get “Back”.

Well, not so much confusing as terribly annoying to have to hit “back” ten times before the Menu appears again.

I would like to have the Menu button as a fixed entity on all pages, no matter how far in I am.


So to understand further, how is this different from clicking on the tab tat takes you to the first page !

The Menu tab, which I assume is what takes you to the front page, is not visible on any but top level pages.

I suppose I could duplicate it and make it a lower screen tab but I expect to be able to open a hidden window at any point in the app.

Maybe I’ve screwed up or don’t understand.

Yes, I have that on the top pages but it isn’t in my lower levels.

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If you have ten lower levels that is a lot of needlessly hitting the “Back” button. (ignore the black blob part of the screen capture.)

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I got ya.

I thought the menu icon (that takes you to main page) is part of the lower tabs list which is always visible and no matter what level down you are at, clicking on it will take you straight to first page.

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Maybe I just need to add it down there?

Nope, not that I can see. Just individual items, not the Menu.


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I have the same problem. My UX gets deep in some places and to get out, it can be a series of 5+ clicks on the back button. I’m relying on users to click one of the bottom menu items to jump out but it’s not ideal!

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