Mental maths apps


I’m a begginer on glide. I want to create a self training maths apps, with random values. (2 randoms values per question and 20 questions by series.)
It is possible to achieve that with glide ?


I love the idea, since I am also into education. Could you give more clarity on how the random values are going to be used?

So is it two random numbers generated, then we also randomize the operation to be performed? The user then has to type in the right answer to advance?

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There are two random values
for exemple : speed ( the speed take a random values like 5 ,10,15,20 until 50)
time : (5 minn 10min, 5 to 5 until 2h)
and the player determine the distance ( distance = vitesse * time)
Ha have to do the operation, and the apps show if it is correct or not.

And other different type of calcul

Cool, like Brainly?

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It’s an apps with lesson and exercices, exercices concerns only mental calculs . It’s special used for aviators and mariners.
But I don’t know if it’s kind of work is possible with glide

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This isn’t exactly easy to explain with the random feature thrown in, so I created a quick example app that you can copy. The speed and time numbers should be random from a list of available speeds and times, so each question will be different, but the results are written to the answer sheet and determines if the answer is correct or not. I have it set up to only present 5 questions, but that could be a larger number or redone to be an unlimited number of questions.


Thanks for your help !

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