Membership in app!

Hi everyone, I want to make my app in a membership kind of way. Is there any way to make the new user pay a small fee before using the app?

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Check out Roberts video

Just filmed a complete tutorial today. Will post tomorrow after editing. Stay tuned!



Hola @Robert_Petitto

A quick question: How long does PayHere keep my sales data?? 30, 60, 90 days?


We’re sending with a web hook from payhere to the gsheet the subscription data, and another Integromat webhook is updating the status (active/inactive) of said subscription/row.

I see that payhere have 2% fee plus stripe fee… so is better to use Glide…

You can’t use Glide for memberships (yet). Only single payments. At least, that’s my last information.

i don’t understand? you can pay for anything… just put amount and description in columns

I thought you meant the Stripe Buy Button component. That doesnt work for recurring payments as far as I know. For memberships you will need something like PayHere (or Memberful). But if I’m wrong, I’d be happy!

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Glide buy button = one off

Payhere (or whatever) = reoccurring/subscription

Never found a way to use glide buy button other than one off. :smirk:


I wish glide could do memberships!


Here’s the complete tutorial that I filmed yesterday:


Brazil isn’t available in Payhere so I’m still looking for a solution and Memberful is charging 10% which is too much in my view. GLIDE please reconsider adding the Stripe Recurring payment feature… It seams that every recurring payment option I find, even the one using is always blocked by the webview component by saying that site … may not allow itself to be embedded.