Math Error 1 x 1 doesn't equal 1?

My app’s URL:

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That’s a weird one. I thought maybe it was a BEDMAS issue. Maybe try inserting a *1 to the end of your formula?

Notice they’re all zero. Not a “row owner” thing by accident?

Nope! Good try though.

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That worked. Weird.

I think I remember something from @Mark a while ago where they noticed results that should have been 1 were coming out as 0. It’s not a solution to the error, more a work-around until it’s fixed… but this method will always work even if the issue is actually fixed, so there’s no harm in doing this work-around.

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Relation when there shouldn’t be:

Template to Relation: Zero+ID


Data: Only 1’s+ID

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 1.49.04 PM

Fixed it. Had a stray row messing things up. If-Then-Else to the rescue!

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@Robert_Petitto Can you still reproduce the original error? That shouldn’t happen.