Matching users with favourite component

Hi, is there a way to match users using the favourite component in Classic Apps? I have a list of user profiles, I want to create a notification for the user if somebody marks them as a favourite and an option to “mark them back” as a favourite so I can show matches. I saw there is a video tutorial using the swipe option for this, but I would want to do it with the favourite component.
How should I set up the logic in Glide tables? Is there any thread on this that I did not come across?

I don’t think this is easy at all. First up, you can’t trigger an action with the Favorite component, so telling the other user that another person has “favorited” them isn’t feasible with that component alone.

If row count isn’t much of a concern, I would add a button to write the signed-in user’s email and the other person’s email to a new table. You can trigger a notification that way, and set it up for the next step, which is “matching”.

Now the data would look somewhat like this.

Sender Email Receiver Email Sender-Receiver Template Receiver-Sender Template Reverse Match Yes Yes No

The last column is just a placeholder for you in this example to see which rows have a “reverse match”. In Glide, you should replace that with a relation from the Sender-Receiver template to the Receiver-Sender template. If the relation is not empty, there is a match.

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Thanks a lot @ThinhDinh, I’ll give this option a try :wink:
Do I have the matches column set up correctly?

Yes, that looks correct to me. Are things working on your side?