Creating a mutual match

I am building an app in Glide Tables using currently just one table. The app is a networking app where users can match to be able to see contact details, however I am having trouble creating mutual matches.

I am using the trebuchet method of creating a new like, then a relation between user email and like to find the “I like them” which is working nicely now I’d like to compare the “I like them” and “they like me” email lookups I have however this doesn’t work as its not exclusive to a row as I’m not using row owners.

I did have it working, however it seems it was a fluke acting how it should but was actually hiding the fact I hadn’t managed to do it!

Thanks for your help!

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Hey @Tombaker

Relation #1 - I like them

  • Split LikeEmails column > template currentUser email

Relation #2 - They Liked me (inverse)

  • Email column > Split LikeEmails column

Thank you @Lucas_Pires

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