Matching form responses to data

Hi guys

I’d like some help navigating this…

I want to create a form page where the questions in the form offer a drop down or a limited number of answer choices. Once the user answers all of the form questions they will be prompted to an output page with a custom list of items based on their answer.

If anyone knows of YouTube tutorial, or template, or any other information on the steps for this process please let me know. Thanks in advance!

You can use the choice component for that.

Maybe we need more info on this. Do you want a filter or something else for the final list?

when you say filter, can you be more specific? The idea is to have the question act as the filter, each question will filter the overall data list so that it only provides a limited output to the user. Starts with a broad list to pull from and then each question acts as a staging where it eliminates potential choices. Hopefully that makes sense.

The only ways I know of doing this would be to create some type of scoring system. Organize or group my data into topics, the sum up the scores for each question. Think in terms of how a personality test works…

The other way would be to do what I initially proposed, Only provide a limited set of answers to each question so the questions can act as the filters?

If there is an easier way of creating a tailored/custom output for the users, then I’m all ears. Without getting into coding and developing some type of decision tree or algo (both of which are outside of my wheel house ) I don’t know.

I mean when your users submit the “form”, then in the details screen of the submission, you can use what they submitted to filter a collection of items, so you only show them what’s needed to be shown…

So this means you want to divide them into groups, and show relevant content for each group?

Can you go into more details on your data structure and your use case? Thank you.

Kinda… imagine a long list of items with information that’s connected to each item. When a user completes a form the goal is to only provide the user the item and its corresponding information that are specific to them.

Its like a recommendation system. User fills out info, they get data from my sheet that’s specific to how they answered. Does this make sense?

At the moment I’m playing with a dating match template from the template store, but some of it looks custom and I’m not sure of the flow yet. A dating style or matching style template could work also. User fill out profile and interests, then based on that information they get matched to items from my data. In this situation the data would be acting as the “match” I guess. Still messing around with this at the moment.

Yeah, still the key here is how you determine to filter the list based on the user’s submission. It will have an effect on how your build your data structure and user experience.

How many different ways can I? easiest solution at this point would be great, lol.