Match background Glide

As some of this forum users know, I do put attention to a visual appearance… so Glide please change your logos to PNG…


Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 7.16.22 PM


new png


glide full

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It doesn’t work like that. The logo is also shown on white background. I just haven’t had time to match the color :wink:

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put an outline or shadow…
anyway… is not important for real coders…just a cosmetic fix for young new users … not to think it is an amateur designer who did that

Glide logo
make it as a vector so you don’t have a problem blowing it …when one day will be displayed in New York Bradway big Screens

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BTW what time? it literally takes few seconds to match colors … and if png based on vector… you don’t need to match anything

You mean you do it yourself, David?
Usually, I’m told by graphists it’s difficult to have the same image for dark or light background, for sleek transparency reasons.
All the more if the text is white and must invert to black (I assume it’s black).
If the logo is cropped, I assume it’s used elsewhere for that. It was not designed especially for the forum here, or?