Mass Print Barcodes

Anybody have recommendations on the best way to print barcodes in bulk?

My inventory app has ~400 SKUs that I need to print. Is there a bulk download I can use?

Is your data in a glide table or a google sheet?

Currently, it’s in a glide table for testing. But for production, I think I’m going to setup in Google Sheets. I’ll have 400-500 rows of inventory lines so for scalability reasons, I think sheets will be best.

If you are going to have it in a google sheet, then it should be pretty easy. You should be able to use a google sheet plugin, or just build a url for use with something like quickchart or anything else that converts the SKU to a barcode. Then I think you should be able to configure the column in the Google sheet to display the barcode. Then it’s just a matter of hitting the print button.

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