March Challenge - Calculator

That looks awesome! I like the personalization options!

I would agree that it’s definitely been a challenge and I definitely learned a lot. I learned some new techniques, what I’d like to see improved by Glide (IF/Then logic), and definitely relearned some math that I haven’t touched since high school and college.

It will be interesting to see how we approached the same problems.

I think my next goal will be to add some specialty calculators. Like financial and volume/area type calculators. Maybe even some date calculations.


It’s here! I’m letting is loose for everybody make a copy and play with. I’ve updated the original post in this thread with the new link and an updated screenshot.

Here is the updated link:

Original post:


Congratulations, you have successfully completed your challenge.
Great job


Yesssss :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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This is got to be the app of the year !


I’m probably the only one in the Glide forum that will get the reference :joy:
But maybe there is another Aussie out there somewhere who will understand it…

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I was waiting to see a “basic” calc but no way, you crossed the line 2 Km away, really cool.

I think your calculator is better than one I use on my iPhone :rofl:

The most complex part I see is to work with parenthesis “()” and your calculator tries to guess where to put them and it’s brilliant but sometimes it fails.

This kind of operation causes a problem:

3-1/2+3/5 —> 3-(1/2)+ (3/5)

but nothing to criticize, someday with more time you fill find the solution.

Great job @Jeff_Hager

Feliz día


@Darren_Murphy had to google it, but now I understand. Thank you!

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I’ve been Googling “sticking tolerance” since yesterday but keep ending up with the engineering “equivalent” stack-up tolerance :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This latest @Darren_Murphy one is also beyond my wit. I’m consulting a jokes psychiatrist on this :frowning::frowning::frowning:

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Let me help you out… :wink:


So far @gvalero @Jeff_Hager calendar, calculator and rocket webhook action made huge impression on me. @gvalero your webhook is the real deal. Awesome. Magnificent. Brilliant guys! Thx :pray: !


I get it now. Thank you :blush: !

@gvalero hehe, yeah, it was supposed to be “basic”, but I just kept going.

Completely agree on what you say about the parenthesis. I was stuck with forcing the order of operations. Basically I have a value to the left of the operation (+, -, x, /) and a value to the right, then based on that math operation, I determine which calculation to do. Up until a few days ago, I was just taking the the calculated result and moving it to the left part of the calculation whenever you pressed one of the operation buttons. I still do that but I also save the friendly formatted version of it. Underneath, it’s still using the number from the previous calculation. (confused yet? :wink: ) I added the extra parenthesis to indicate that everything inside the parenthesis was already calculated first and using the underlying result. If you look at @Krivo’s version, you can better see what I mean. I’m guessing he is doing something very similar, but moving the result to the left side and displaying it.

It comes down to a Glide limitation. I couldn’t find a way to build a complete math formula and use a single math column to calculate it.
So to use your example, this is what is happening behind the scenes, so it will calculate in this order:
3-1 = 2
Pressing / gives you:
(2)/2 = 1
Pressing + gives you:
(1)+3 = 4
Pressing / gives you:
(4)/5 = 0.8

Technically not correct in the math world if you consider the formula as a whole, but if you calculate it piece by piece in the right order, then it would give you the correct result of 3.1. It’s kind of the same limitation with very basic calculators. They don’t handle complex formulas

Like I said, I wanted to show the entire formula instead of the previous result, but the only way for it to make sense mathematically was to force the parenthesis. Maybe something to think about in the future, unless glide begins to allow us to build formulas with template columns and then plug them into a math column. That would simplify a lot of this.

Thanks for the feedback though.


@Wiz.Wazeer “sticking tolerance” maybe isn’t a technical term, but I was referring to something like this. :slight_smile:

Preventing inadvertent movement of features when selecting—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop.

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Hi @Jeff_Hager

Thanks for sharing the calculator app. Very interesting to look inside to try to understand how you completed the task of creating a calculator app.

Would you be interested in doing a session where people can join in and you run through the app and tell how you approached the different challenges - and how you solved them.

Nathanael Boy and I have had other sessions where people joined in - and it was very rewarding for people attending.

I know people will be asking for recording of such a session - but that it only if you would feel ok with that.

I’m located in Denmark and you in USA, but I hope it would be possible to find a time slot where it would be possible. Could potentially be a weekend. I would think that 1 hr would be appropriate.

Anyway, I don’t know whether you would be into it at all - but if you are please let me know in dm. I will do the meeting setup and try to keep track of questions, time etc in the meeting.

Very best regards


I get it now. I was thinking along the lines of flogging tolerance as in with a stick :joy: duh :roll_eyes:

this is great.

I made my calculator app copyable - so you can have a look under the hood.

Please use your own cloudinary account if you want the Personalization - free to work. You simply put in you cloudinary account (cloud_name) in the General table, copy the two images below to you account - and you are up and running.

If you haven’t got a Cloudinary account yet the please consider signing up by an invitation link. This will give some extra credits for me and allow for more free transformations, file storage etc. Mine is:

But you could also ask some of the other Cloudinary gurus of the community for their invitation link

I have uploaded the two images that I use as background - black_900x300.png and black_900_600.png. You can download and upload those to your own cloudinary account.


Thanks for sharing as always!

Thanks for the share @Krivo !