Map pins don't always show

Hi, it doesn’t seem to matter whether my app is in my Start team or in a free team, the map pins don’t always show up.

I get a screen that looks like this:

The app was working earlier today, and I got out of it and when I came back in this evening it looks like this with no changes on my part.

I’ve seen it do this before and then the next day it starts working again (with no changes on my part).

The data is in there – well, and this is weird, when I pulled up the data display to show that it’s in there, it was showing blank on location and address. I went to my Google sheet and it refreshed the data from the script, but now my map is not showing the correct pins even though my data is “refreshed”. Any thoughts as to what is happening?

ONE LAST UPDATE: – got out of the app and went back in and now it is “working” again.
P.S. The two things missing from pages preventing me from doing this in pages is simple CSS for the pin coloring (thanks to @ThinhDinh) and the MAP type of Inline List.

Really neat in “tablet mode” though!

Not as nice in Pages…