"map" layout keeps switching to "details"

An app that I use for a charity event, has a location tab. I have set this to “map” display in the layout. The default view is set as “map”.
But every now and then when I open the app, it shows the “details” for this tab and not the “map”.
I then have to select the “map” tile again in Layouts.
Anyone else has this experience or know what I can do to make sure that the tab stays fixed in “map” view?

Is the style actually changing from map to detail in the builder? Just want to clarify that the builder is changing styles and you weren’t just viewing the details for the item in your location tab, and then coming back to the app later and still sitting in that detail view from before. Do you happen to have the builder open in multiple browsers?

A couple of times the style changed from map to detail in the builder. Not sure to be honest if I was working in the builder from multiple tabs and that this has caused it. I will keep an eye out the next days and will let you know if it happens again.

Please don’t work on the same app in multiple tabs - you should get a warning message in one of those tabs, and you will definitely lose edits in that tab.

ok, thanks!