Management of equipment loan in several branches

Hello everyone. I am developing an application for the benefit of a voluntary body whose business is lending equipment to people at no cost. There are 2 problems that I would appreciate help solving. Problem 1: This organization has branches. The loan is from a certain branch. The option to dynamically change the branches (add/remove) is required. How to create the low-product loan basket when it is linked to a specific branch. The second problem is how to confirm the return of the equipment when there are situations where not all the equipment is returned. This means you have to take the loan items and record them as missing with the ability to edit the quantities. Thank you very much everyone

If you have a table of branches, you can record the branch’s ID every time a new loan is added.

I would suggest recording a table of “Loan Items” that is a child of each “Loan”. When things are returned, you mark the status of each loan item as returned or missing.

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Thank you very much for the detailed answer. I understood the offer. How should it be built technically? Regarding 1, how can you make a selection in the branch and then integrate it automatically on the loan page (basket). Regarding 2 how do I upload to the screen in the application the loan taken to confirm each returned item?