Make Data columns searchable within the Data pane

At least I’m not aware, but in order to assign a Data value, for example to a Text component you either enter a custom value or you scroll up/down until you find the column you’re looking for.

When you have a sheet of 50+ columns this can be challenging.

A great improvement would be to make the columns/data searchable within the screen shown below.


i.m trying to understand what you mean… but i can’t

When you add a Text component in the builder, to assign it a value you select a column from the drop-down under Data located on the right-hand pane.

This feature request is to simply be able to search the drop-down to find the column you’re after.

Yes! Glide team is already providing this

I have apps with hundreds of columns and I need it so bad lol

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It’s a simple request but would make a huge difference.

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For sure!