Make choices in categories, sub-category and sub-category

Make choices in categories, sub-category and sub-category and save the choices in sheet.

You can do this now.

thank you for your reply
can we save the choices made in one tab and save them in another tab?
is there a tutorial?

Can you explain what you’re trying to do at a high level?

My goal is to allow my students to look for an exercise in the “situations” tab to look for their names in the “students” tab and to choose a level in the “level” tab and then save all that in the “work” tab.

Is there an example that looks like what I want to do?

Do the students use an email to log in? The reason I ask is that if they do you could eliminate one of the steps as you would know who the student is. Then you could make the Level a child of the Situation. Then all they would have to do is browse the Situations list, pick one and then in the details pick the Level for the list of Levels. Then in the Level details they would click a “Create a Work Assignment” which would open a Glide form. You should have access to all the columns of the Situation and Level, the result would be saved to the Work list with their email address, the Situation me, and the Level. That could accomplish what you want I believe.

Thanks for your help.
I am looking forward to solving my problem as this would enable many useful data collection applications for all teachers. I tested the solution with email and it’s really good! but remains the difficulty of choosing in very long lists. I would like to have nested choices. A choice giving access to a new menu and a new menu …


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