Main vs Current target

This is a basic question - When do i know what screen target to you - especially between current and main? im not understanding the difference between the tow.

Further to this:

  • could screen targets slow down / confuse my app navigation and user experience if not done efficiently? is there a rule of thumb for this in page?

thanks alot

Main is always a new, full screen. Current is whatever screen is currently in focus (overlay, slide-in, main).


Thanks Robert, here is an example: the user logs in and views the contact tab. the user then clicks on the “Add New” which opens a New Screen. How do i know if a current or Main as a target will be a better option? how do i consider which to use?

For that specific use case, I would probably use overlay.

Personally, I find that I rarely use Main, and mostly use either of Current, Overlay or Slide In.
I’ll use Overlay for most form screens, and sometimes Current for larger, more complex forms.
I almost always use Current for Collection item Show Details.
But I think which you use mostly comes down to personal preference and the type of User Experience you want to provide. There is no hard and fast rule.

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Ya, it depends on the UI that you’re after.


thanks so much for the context Robert, it makes fully sense what you are saying. the slide is is very powerful for context… i did however realize:

  • main contact page
  • open overlay to create new contact with step by step process
  • in step 2, have slide in to give context on particular field
  • when the user then close the slide in, it closes the overlay too and the user loose their progress made on the step by step process. - not sure if this is as expected?

so what ive resorted to is using current screen to create new contact. and do the slide in from the current, which when closed, only goes back to current and not further back to main screen.

Yep! Sounds like a solid UX

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