Best PRactice for opening new screens

sometimes as i am in my UI and i am adding items or opening releated records the whole screen will go back about two steps. I know why i believe adn that is because i do not know nor have setup best practices for how they open (MAIN, OVERLAY, CURRENT, SLIDEIN)

Can someone tell me if there is an order to this

What’s most likely going on there is you have a sequence something like:

  • Start on a Detail Screen
  • Action that does Show New Screen → This Item
  • On that next screen, an action that does Show Detail Screen → This Item

That 3rd step would give the impression that you’ve gone back a step, because it’s going to give you the same screen that you started on. Although in reality it is still going forwards. For example, if you were to then click the back button twice, you’d find yourself back on the same screen.

If you’re opening these screens in an overlay or slide-in, the behaviour is the same, except that you can short circuit the navigation and return immediately to the starting point by clicking the close button. That is, in the example above, if you clicked the close button after the 3rd step, you’d be taken straight back to the first screen, by passing the one in the middle.

The best way to understand this behaviour for yourself is to create a sample App and experiment a bit.


I just looked at glides crm and they open everythingin CURRENT state and forms are on SLIDEINS. seem like thats a safe option for now…do you agree?

I don’t agree or disagree. It mostly comes down to personal preference and what fits best with your App flow, and your desired user experience.

If you’re editing an existing record or adding related records, then an overlay or slide-in makes sense, as the user won’t get lost in the overall context. But then again, if you’re opening a form that has dozens of input components, then you probably want to maximise the available screen real estate, so opening that in the current screen might make more sense.

I don’t think there is any one size fits all. It just depends. One thing I would say is whatever you choose, you should try and provide a consistent user experience throughout your App.

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totally agree with the consistent experience.

thx man!