Magic time saver - only in staging, but me = happy camper

Thanks @Jason and @Mark for working on, then demoing the staging feature for ‘find my column’. This is a gamechanger for developing complex apps like mine.

To illustrate, here is my bug fixing map for about 1/3 of the key process in my app… nightmare! Manual… and outside of the system.

Now, this beautiful feature will immediately save me hours, and let me bring working solutions to my client way faster :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Very happy! Only staging so far (I had to ask for a duplicate of my app to me moved there - cheers, Mark!). Already briliant - you not only can find components, but you can one click to go to them :wink:


What a fantastic feature. Absolutely love it.

@Mark not perfect yet - I was going to check if you also pick out Actions where the components live. The first column I picked out to test, toggle-user ready for video, is used in several places, including key buttons and Actions. I was wondering if the Actions would come up… then I found that the search sort of stopped working.


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@Mark_Turrell Could you tell me how to get to one of the screens that column is used in? It should find it.

And for this screen - that column would be used in…

  • the Tab Checklist

(which is in a newer version of the template)

  • I have sent a link to the most recent version

And it is used in… another app (I use it in the Agent app) — so therefore not surprising if it is not found :slight_smile:

I t is therefore 99% likely this particular version of the old app does NOT use the toggle anywhere…

  • then if I reframe - it would be good to have a message below the ‘searching for’ to be ‘not found’

And I am then even more intrigued to see what my latest version will bring (as that is in several places, such as the Checklist and the Take a Test tabs)


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Ok, so this is actually not a bug?

Not a bug (so far, the ‘bug’ was not picking up compound actions at all in staging in my app)

And a ux improvement suggestion / to provide user feedback if no result is found

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