Loop through a multi image column

Hi, I need to process by AI several images uploaded by the user.
So, to do that, I’ve create a table with a multiple images field where the user would upload as much images as he wants.
Now I need to do a loop through every images in that column in order to process them (extract info through AI).–

Any ideas? I dont see any Loop command

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Use a Joined List column to convert the result to a delimited text string??? There is no looping logic in Glide, so I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to do or how you are trying to make it work. Maybe explain that first. You may need a working table to transpose the the images into individual rows and let it process that way, but I’m not really sure what you are ultimately trying to do.

Hi Jeff, I already have a way to process an image using AI to extract some information. For example, if the user needs the client’s name from a bill, they upload an image of the bill and the AI extracts that name. This is currently working with a helper table that saves the extracted information, which is then inserted into another table.

What I want to do now is to perform this process in bulk. That’s why I have created a table with a column for multiple images. Now, I need to process every single image the user has uploaded

Use a second Helper Table with enough rows to cover the maximum number of expected images. Number the rows, beginning at zero. Apply the multiple images array to every row. Use a single value column to extract the Row Number index from the array. This will give you one on each row in a single column. Carry on from there…


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