Looking for glide app builder for small renovation officr

I am looking for app builder glide to make the app for small renovation office.

Hi, in wich langage ?

English is ok

Hi @Ma_Ftft

What’s the scope? Can you share more on the requirements?

To start as 4 tabs for Data form entry
1 for daily report/ workers name and activity performed

1 for expense entry by activity /project

1 for income entry by project

1 tasks list

To make new project

Add activity

Add vendor name

Add vendor quote

Add vendor invoice

Add payment slip - expense

Add payment received - income

The idea is to use buttons to navigate in project activity and then choose button to add the cost entry or task to do entry or payment received on project entry

Something like that

Hi @Ma_Ftft,

If you still need help on this, I created a simple app for you.
I’m not sure if this is exactly what you needed but we can still customize it if you like.

Here’s the link: https://vgu19.glideapp.io/

Ysil Grace

Can integrate with whatsapp and or work offline then sync on wifi?

No. Glide have to have internet connection to work