Looking for Best Way to Clear Unique ID while Creating a New ID

I have an app for generating an estimate. The calculations are performed with formulas inside the sheet. I have some users that will only generate one estimate -tied to their location. Then I have a few users who need to generate more than one estimate for different addresses. When a user signs in it gives them a Unique ID. When they begin their estimate, it assigns a Unique ID to the property they are estimating. That second ID is tied to all estimates for that property.

Here is my question… What is the best way to go about allowing the second user type to create more than one estimate? I am currently trying to figure out best way to remove the current property ID and create another propertyID to begin a new estimate (clearing the UserInput column for current estimate), while archiving the previous estimate to a sheet of estimates and emailing the current estimate to user… Any ideas on best way to achieve this?
Thank you

Most straightforward way would be to create the estimate from the property table, not the user table. The estimate would record the property id, not the user id. You can then relate the property id to the properties sheet and look up the user id of that property.


Thanks Robert… I will try that…

I am actually doing that I believe. I have this screen which points to a Sections table that combines all of the sections together to perform estimate…

Also on this screen I have a place where I am trying to Begin a New Estimate / Clear current property ID (clear all user input in the input column for quantities)


Once I get to this screen, this is where I am trying to remove the Property ID/ Assign a new one which will trigger the archiving to the Completed Estimates sheet while emailing the current estimate to the user…i feel like I am going in circles…

Is there a reason you don’t use a native form for this?

native form as in a Google Form? or creating a form using Glide on a details page?

By native form, I mean a “show form screen” action.

A “custom form” in details page means you add entry components on a details view and use an “add row” action to submit that “form”.

I would not encourage using Google Forms.