Looking for a freelance in Glide app

Hello Guyz,

I am looking for someone who can make the tricky stuff on my app which is a bet game (easy). :slight_smile:
I know how to handle people and informations but i don’t know how to make my game.

The game is about betting on marble game :
Every users can create a party, can select his marble and invite firend in his party (15 invitations maximum).
Every users can join a party if he was invited, select his marble (only the one still available)
Limit of three party in a same time :slight_smile:

After every course (that i will do by my self), i update the point related to the result.

That’s it, contact me if you have a good feeling about that. :smile: :smile: :smile:



Need to finish my own projects first :stuck_out_tongue:
But I bet there are quite a few out here who have time now,… Oooh wait can that bet be in your app?