Logo size on the main page is too small

I’ve developed an app for a user, and they’ve requested their logo to be featured on the main page. However, the uploaded logo appears too small within the app. Is there a method to enlarge the size of the logo?

What’s the current ratio of the uploaded logo?

Currently it is 7:3

I don’t think there is a lot you can do with that, without messing around with CSS, which requires a Business Plan.

You mentioned that the client wants to see the logo on the main page - does it have to be in the header?
If not, you could add an image component at the top of the page and add it there. That would give you a few more display options.

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If you’re able to crop the current graphic & trim any space around the text of the logo, this should help! I’ve found that it will always try to fit whatever ratio you upload, so the less blank space, the better.