Logo on App

is there anyway to increase size logo or is it my logo file size that is limiting size of logo?

Yes I see that but I have chosen the large size and you can see by my image it still looks very small. So I guess my question was is that as large as it gets or could it possibly be my image size?

@EatPinellas: You need some ‘make my logo bigger’ cream :wink:

Good question. My screenshot is also on the largest setting. It must be a height constraint… @Jason?

The image is height constrained yes

Is this background image only in glide pro?

Thanks for the help guys. Even though logo is small this is way better than before. Great work Glide!

Yes custom backgrounds are for Pro Accounts.

Yes, custom background image is only for Pro.

I have tried all kind of sizing. Please help! What I the best size to use so it is nice and big!