Logo Disappeared on my App...NEED HELP

I checked my app last night and the logo is gone on every profile. I don’t understand how this happened because I did not do it. If you look at the attached screenshot, look at the CC logo. I have 75 Universities listed in the app, all with a different color CC logo. I know that the changed setting is just no longer pointing to the right place but I dont know how to fix it. I am not a developer and so my understanding is novice. If someone here could help to fix it, I would appreciate it.

If your screenshot is showing a logo, then what image is missing? Or is this an old screenshot?

Have you checked that the image component bis pointing to the correct column?
Where are you storing your images?
Does the url for the image work outside of the app, such as copying and pasting it into the browser url bar?

Its an old screenshot.

it is obviously no longer pointing in the right place but I am not sure how to fix it. Images are stored on Dropbox. Yes, link is working outside of app.

What does the screen look like now?

We’re going to need some more information, such as screenshots of your image component settings, which column it’s pointing to, and what the data looks like in that column.

ok, first here is screenshot now without logo

First screenshot is of the Universities listing with the logo in CC University Specific Column.
Second and third is of the image component

Ok, in your Universities table, you are showing the ‘CC University Specific Logo’ column, which appears to have images in it.

However, your image component is getting the image from the ‘CC Logo’ Lookup column in the user table. What does that Lookup column look like in the user table when you view it in the data editor? Where is that lookup column getting it’s value from?

Thank you for your help but it is fixed. I asked a friend, late last night, if he could fix it and he had not by this morning. He just emailed to say that he fixed it. Thank you.

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